Lockdown listening week #12

This week’s playlist – new music released on Friday, other new discoveries and music that got me through the week.

Some great new music released this week, maybe labels are starting to realise that new music can still be successfully released during lockdown.

Absolute belter of a new tune from Songhoy blues from Mali. Uplifting and awesome guitar riff to open. Plus a new discovery I made – Tidiane Thiam from Senegal.

Other great news this week is the return of Doves – new track Carousels doesn’t disappoint in terms of a classic Doves’ rhythm and tune, and matches the epic albums they released in the early 2000’s. The drums on Carousels are sampled from the late Tony Allen, drummer with Fela Kuti, who passed recently. The Last Broadcast always an album to come back to.

Also loved this new Tenn Ven remix of De La Soul and DJ Shadow – kickstarted my Friday night. On a trip hop theme Tricky’s new single has a more soulful groove than his darker recent material and closer to Maxinquaye, still my favourite of his albums.

Also enjoyed the new music from Ian Skelly from the Coral. Prime Mersey-psych as expected. Also enjoyed the new single from the Mariners, mining that seam as well. Also more psych from Moon Duo, Ty Seagall and Asteroid Number 4.

Also really enjoying the 80s sounding, proto Happy Monday’s, vibe of Working Men’s Club- best track is White Rooms and People.

Both Bob Dylan and Neil Young both back this week. Dylan’s new album Rough & Rowdy Ways already growing on me – the opener I can contain multitudes, is classic late period Dylan. Neil Young’s lost album from the 1970’s, Home Grown, has has some gems, acoustic number White Lines being the best. Never been the greatest fan of Macca’s solo work, bar Ram, but I like this acoustic version of Young Boy from the forthcoming Flaming Pie box set.

Plus some early 90’s tunes from The Real People and Five Thirty – more from them and the album Bed next week on the blog.

Lastly – just listen to this 2018 version of New Order’s True Faith by Denise Johnson who sang on Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. Voice still epic, with beautiful harmonies on this track.