What I listened to this week

Here is my playlist from this week. A great discovery (via Guy Garvey on BBC 6Music) was this collaboration between Nusrut Fateh Ali Khan and Eddie Vedder’s – ‘The long road’, taken from the Dead Man Walking Soundtrack, from 1995. Completely missed it at the time. I’ve not been the greatest of Pearl Jam fans but Vedder’s voice is softer here and I love the interplay between his lyrics and the hymnal rhythms of Nusrut Fateh Ali Khan. This led me to listen to some his output on Realworld, I liked the fusion of styles in Mustt Mustt best and there is a great Massive Attack Remix on there.

Sonic Boon’s new album All Things Being Equal remind me what I loved about his Spectrum album back in 1989, full of lysergic, pulsing rhythms. Dipping back into my collection I realised I didn’t have any Spaceman 3 on CD or vinyl, so my I must have had them on tapes. Revolution is still one of my favourite tracks, I was lucky to see them in 1989 just before they split up, with Sonic Boon playing revolution sat in chair. None of the Spaceman 3 catalogue is on Spotify but you can see various versions of Revolution on Youtube There was also a great version by Mudhoney.

Tim Burgess’ new album is still on rotation – probably the best thing he’s ever done (love the optimism, beach boys feel). I also really enjoyed Badly Drawn Boy’s Banana Skin Shoes and the track Tony Wilson said.

I also got round to watching New Order’s performance at Manchester International Festival, released last year as a live album. The documentary showing them putting together the performance using the 12 music students to form the synth orchestra is also well worth a watch. Creates a a great sonic sheen. Reminded me what I love about the New Order. Also enjoying Hooky’s collaboration with Gorillaz – you just can’t match that bass sound.

The Fontaines DC new single is great ( and the one before) , it could have been made any time in the last 30 years and hard to put my finger on why I like them so much, just punk pop energy and great songs. I’m also reminded of the briefly successfully early 90s band The Frank and Walters.

Lastly, I found this acoustic version of Thom Yorke playing The Clock from the Eraser album. I love the electronic version but the guitar playing on this YouTube version is just mesmerising.

Also noticed a new track from Ty Segall on Spotify – which is a great rumbling of SF psych punk, as ever. Ty also had a great track called The Clock on his manipulator album.

Also listened to Michael Head and the Red Elastic band as I draft my post about Shack for next week.