Up and running….

Well, after many years selling music over the counter and then another career which involved blogging and writing as an academic, I’ve finally decided to start writing about music. I stopped blogging in 2007, so has been good fun learning WordPress this week, compared to the blogspot site I used to publish through. Blog publishing via an iPhone app!

I’ve always lurked rather than engaged on Twitter so probably not many people reading or following right now and I’ll just enjoy writing and see how things go.

I’ll probably post up some reviews of new music each week and some posts about books and other ramblings. Currently have some posts in draft on Shack and the great list album Waterpistol, a review of Pete Pephides’ Broken Greek (just brilliant), a top 10 of live albums, thoughts about Julian Cope’s cannon, great b sides. I’ve probably too many ideas right now.

I’ve also got a lot of stories, anecdotes, about my time behind the record counter that I’ve always wanted to tell. I’m sure you want to hear the story about the dustman who was a huge Roy Orbison fan, and looked just like him, only in 80’s leisurewear or why the numanoids where most obsessed fans I served.

Why this name?

The title of the blog comes from one of my favourite Julian Cope songs, that I’ve listened to a lot during lockdown. The reflection of the song seemed to suit these times. the image is from Castle Rigg Stone Circle Winter 2009. Various soft toys cats on the stones, strategically placed by my kids, are just out of shot.

I’ve also added some links to sites and blogs via a link on the menu.

I’m on Twitter @mrtree2245.